The death of a companion

pet is the end of a relationship.

For some of us grieving our companion pet, we ask the question, “Why is this so hard to deal with?” or “Why am I feeling this way?” Our feelings are unfamiliar and unsettling because they seem to run so deep and feel so strong.

More and more people are communicating openly about the devastating impact the loss of a companion pet can cause. Someone told me that their neighbour, months post loss of a pet, is still unable to speak about the loss or the pet.

In the past we have failed to speak openly for fear of being seen as ridiculous or silly, of being too soft or sentimental. But for most of us the loss of our beloved family member, finned, furred or feathered, can leave a huge emotional hole in our beings.

Creating private rituals, placing a plaque or memorial stone, creating a memory book with photos and stories are just some of the things you can do to help move through the loss.

Taking care of yourself during this period, although it can be hard, is very important. This article is excellent in describing self care for yourself and any living pets during the bereavement period.

If you believe you are not coping, we are here to help.