Getting the words out there
We all know how good it feels when we’ve been heard.

People knew it back then and we know it now. Human beings have known for centuries about the power of being heard. Being heard is one of the most valued and valuable things humans need. But it is one of the most overlooked and least valued of human abilities. In this era of sound bites, texting and emojis, are we really communicating effectively? Are we really being heard or truly understood?

Let’s explore 5 positive aspects of being fully heard and understood.

We feel acknowledged and respected as individuals.

We are given our humanity and dignity when someone takes the time to listen to us without judging, dismissing or correcting us. We are able to tell our story from our own unique perspective.

We feel strengthened.

We feel empowered and strengthened when someone takes us seriously. We feel substantiated rather than trivialised. We feel the force of our individuality rather than feeling diminished as simply a number or a cog in a huge, nameless, cold and uncaring world. Our whole being feels positively reinforced.

We feel validated.

Our feelings and thoughts are real, and they belong to us. They impact on the way we move through the world and how we experience our lives. No two people can ever experience the same event in exactly the same way. To have our unique experience heard and understood is a very powerful thing.

We are bolstered.

When we have the opportunity to be heard, our plans and decisions can take shape more clearly. being able to discuss openly and without prejudice our plans, dreams, hopes and desires, we gain clarity and find ways to take action. We are able to change the direction of our lives.

We can heal.

It is not only time that can help heal wounds of the mind and soul. Having someone who listens and engages with our story can be a powerful step towards healing those injuries which are not visible but keep us stuck in place that we don’t want to be in.


This is the era of multi-tasking, rushing and being seen to be super busy with no time to spare. People are impatient and pushing us to hurry and move forward and get on with things. The price of this busy life is that we often fail to find the time to have meaningful contemplation of our lives, dreams and expectations. We find that we have little opportunity to give thought to how we are going to achieve what we want or need to achieve in our lives.

Being listened to in a genuine and open way can give us the time, strength and ability to find a way forward that we may have never thought possible. We need to take the time to seek out those we trust and value to hear our story. These are the people we can share our inner thoughts, plans, hopes, wounds and dreams with.

By being positively heard we can have the opportunity to change the course of our lives. It is well worth the effort to seek out those who will listen to us with the warmth, care and compassion that we all deserve.

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