‘Those’ Experts Aren’t All of Us

Recently many of us in Australia have been transfixed by a certain reality television show. We can’t look away. At a conscious level we can rationalise what we are seeing and protect ourselves from its callous and inhumane spectacle. But what messages are we absorbing at a subconscious level?

Lies, lies and the media
There is always more to an issue than the media can give us.

We have seen behaviour that leaves many of us slack jawed with disbelief. How would we feel if someone spoke or behaved like that towards us in our day to day lives? Disrespect, behaviour from adults that we wouldn’t tolerate in any situation from a child let alone an adult, breaking of promises, dishonesty, unconstructive communication, belittling and hurtfulness. We could go on.

Mental Health Professionals

The mental health experts are, however, leaving me the most horrified. No matter if reality television is scripted, edited for dramatic effect or completely fabricated so that it is barely recognisable from what actually occurred. A part of our minds, as viewers, is still absorbing and processing what unfolds before us.

We see mental health experts as spectators commentating on the sidelines then offering a scant couch session, aimed at pushing the ratings along. It is, after all, about ratings.

What are we, as television viewers, gleaning from our exposure to these mental health experts? I’m guessing that the message isn’t too positive. It doesn’t feel positive to me.  At some less conscious level I wonder if, as we watch these expert,s we’re drawing less than positive conclusions about seeking help.

Our Best Practice

In stark comparison to what we see on our screens, us qualified and less spotlight seeking mental health professionals take our responsibilities very seriously. Our mandate, our Codes of Practice and Codes of Ethics that we agree to uphold include:

  • Listening to our clients
  • Doing the best practice for our clients
  • Treating our clients with dignity
  • Assisting our clients to find meaningful and appropriate solutions to issues

Our Code of Ethics and Code of Practice ensures that you, as a client, will receive safe, non-exploitative, compassionate, dignified and personalised assistance.

Ask questions, research, reach out to find the counsellor or therapist that you feel you can work with, that you can trust, that understands you, that ‘gets’ where you’re coming from. And importantly, where you want to get to.

Our Mission

Our mission in the field of mental health is to help you gain the best you can from yourself and your life.

Please remember, what we view on our television screens is usually never the whole story. It is often not even a close approximation of it, especially when it comes to seeking help. Don’t let the reality television ‘mental health professionals’ put you off seeking help if you need it.