End result

Both of these situations have the end result of being left without employment and a source of income with which to provide the necessities for living. Redundancy or retrenchment can greatly impact our sense of self worth. It is a core value in our society to be able to provide for our families.

Like many other losses, there is the day to day stuff to cope with (the practicalities of gaining another job or source of income) and then there is the emotional side as well.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a huge range of emotions and wonder how you are going to cope. Another aspect that can take people by surprise is the length of time that the process can take. Sometimes it can feel like an axe swinging above your head, and the time you spend in your job but knowing it will be ending, can be exhausting in itself.

Difficulties also for those remaining

Redundancy or retrenchment impacts more people than those who are leaving the workplace. Colleagues who are remain in the workplace may experience emotions such as anger towards the company or institution. The sense of an unpredictable or uncertain future can also arise.

For those experiencing multiple redundancy episodes in their work place in a short period of time can feel emotionally fatigued by what seems like a never ending circuit of hiring and firing.

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