We have our hearts set on something and we fail to achieve it. We are filled with ‘What ifs’, ‘If onlys’ and the sense of frustration, anger and futility.

Picking ourselves up and trying again or finding an alternative path or route can be tough and frustrating and seemingly impossible sometimes. We feel bad, sad and cut to the core.

It’s really about loss

That’s because we’re dealing with a loss. It goes to our core. A lost opportunity, a squandered moment, a lack of total commitment. Any number of reasons come into our minds. Dealing with and coming to terms with this can be very difficult and challenging. We don’t want bitterness and defeat to hamper our ability to get up and try again.

It’s about finding our resilience

We have to change our focus and look for our resilience. Sometimes we need a bit of help to be able to see our own strengths and talents.