Accessing Web Based


This is the innovative way to access the help you need. When you’re stressed, tired and time challenged, being able to meet with your counsellor from the secure and comforting environment of your home can be the difference between accessing support and trying to keep going it alone.


The benefits of accessing web based counselling

Through the WeCounsel website you can access a secure account and meet with me. It can be from home or another place that is private and helps you feel comfortable and safe.

No need to travel long distances, battle traffic, find parking, wait in a waiting room. All you have to do is create your account and log in at the agreed time with me. Payment is simple. It is done via a secure transaction within the WeCounsel website.

Consultations of many types have been done over the web for several years now. The technology that has enabled people to seek medical help over great distances is now available for you to use to access counselling.

There is practically no difference between seeing the counsellor physically sitting opposite you and seeing the counsellor via an internet connection. The time and energy saved from physically accessing a counsellor can be invested into your healing and wellness.


To see how WeCounsel works click on this link and take a look.